Certifications and exportation authorisations

Bomè has chosen to become BRC- and IFS-certified in order to ensure greater quality and safety for its products. The system of quality control ensured by these certifications guarantees scrupulous attention to all the stages of preparation, from delivery to shipping.

Bomè’s certifications

Certificato BRC (File .pdf)
Certificato IFS (File .pdf)
Certificato Halal (File .pdf)  
Certificato BIO (File .pdf)
Certificato QT Qualità Trentino (File .pdf)


In recent years, the company has also obtained authorisation to export to Japan, Canada and Hong Kong, and most recently it has been authorised to export HALAL-certified salted meat to the UAE.


Brand Quality Trentino

The products in Trentino Quality mark are obtained from selected raw materials in strict compliance to the appropriate specification, the result is an elite product.